National Fleet Database

garda-stopThe National Fleet Database (NFD) is a fleet and motor trade website ( established to assist the Gardaí in their fight against uninsured driving and to comply with national and European legislation.


What it means for you?

Fleet Owners and Motor Traders should enter the registration number of each of their vehicles on the NFD website (


What happens if you don’t do this?

If checked by the Gardaí, at best your driver will have to provide proof of insurance at a Garda Station within 10 working days; at worst your vehicle will be impounded. This will continue until your vehicle registration has been put up on the NFD, causing frequent and serious business interruption. For example, this could result in a serious delay for a haulage company in making a delivery, meeting a deadline or even missing a ferry transport.


How do I do this?

We/insurer will provide you with a UID (Unique Identifier) which will allow you to register and upload your vehicle registrations at This UID stays with you, the fleet owner/motor trader, even if you change insurer and/or broker.


Fleet owner/motor trader manual

While the website is extremely user-friendly there is also a fleet owner/motor trader manual available to view or download on the homepage of the NFD website which will walk you through each step.


Contact numbers

Should you have any difficulty in using the site or uploading your registration numbers you should contact us or insurer who will advise you on what to do.


For more information & FAQs, please check the National Feet Database (NFD) information here. To view the owner’s manual, click here.

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