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Get peace of mind protecting your livelihood and livestock

Let the experienced team at Campion Insurance, one of Ireland’s largest insurance brokers, help you find the best Farm Insurance. We compare the best insurance options for your farm, to ensure you get a cost-effective policy which suits your specific needs.

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What are the benefits of insuring your farm?

  • Protecting your livelihood

    Your home, equipment and vehicles are all integral to keeping your farm running smoothly. Make sure they’re protected.

  • Protecting your livestock

    Your livestock is one of your greatest assets. A typical insurance plan covers your animals for natural disasters, as well as when they’re in transit or stray from your property.

  • Protecting your employees

    Working with heavy machinery and large animals involves risk, for you and your employees. Make sure that you have financial support in the event of any accidents.

  • Peace of mind

    Our extensive insurance coverage means you can work comfortably, knowing that if something should happen, you’re protected with insurance. From fire damage and floods to deterioration of frozen food and subsidence, we’ll get you covered.

  • Protect against the unforeseeable

    As a farmer, you know that you can’t always prepare for every eventuality! We compare wide-reaching cover from a range of providers in Ireland so that you can work on your farm, safe in the knowledge that we’ve got your back.


Farm Dwelling House and Contents Insurance

The Farm Dwelling House is deemed to include domestic offices, domestic garages, walls, gates and fences immediately surrounding the dwelling house.

Typical insurance cover on the Farm House includes:

Fire, Smoke, Lightning, Thunder, Explosion, Storm, Tempest, Flood, Accidental Damage to Building and Contents, Theft or Attempted Theft, Subsidence, Deterioration of Frozen Food, Bursting or Overflow of aWater Tank, or Pipes.

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Note: The sum insured on the Dwelling must represent the actual cost of replacing a building of similar dimensions with similar type materials. For example, the cost of rebuilding a period-type residence will be greater than the cost of rebuilding a modern bungalow and the sum insured should reflect the same.

What risks impact the cost?

  • House being let to tenants
  • House being unoccupied
  • Previous claims
  • Year of build of the House

All Risks cover can be included to give more specialised cover on Personal items such as Jewellery, Computers and Sports Equipment. Valuations may be required for these items.


Public Liability, Product Liability and Environmental Liability

Public Liability insurance covers the farmer’s legal liability for injury, disease or property damage caused to a member of the public as a result of the farmer’s activities.

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It will provide indemnity in two main areas for which the farmer may be legally liable: +
Examples of a public liability claim. +
Important information to tell the Insurance Company. +

Product Liability

Product Liability protects the legal liability of the farmer in the event of some defect in the products supplied by the farmer.

Environmental Liability

Environmental Liability protects against costs associated with gradual environmental damage and pollution, including own land and third party clean-up costs.


Employers’ Liability

Every farmer should have employers’ liability cover.

This cover provides protection for the farmer against legal liability for injury or disease caused to employees in the course of their farming duties. The calculation of this premium is based on the wages paid by the farmer to employees.

Remember, you should include family members’ wages, such as a daughter or son farming at home on a full time or part time basis. This is also the case for voluntary helpers. You’ll need to declare extra activities, such as Agri Contracting, to the Insurer as well.

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Personal Accident

Farmers very often have everything covered with their farm insurance except themselves! However, it should be an essential part of your insurance plan.

How will the farm continue to operate if the farmer breaks a leg or injures / incapacitates themselves, particularly during busy times on the farm? The cost incurred in hiring someone to run the farm for a few months can be substantial. However, building good Personal Accident cover into the Farm policy can cover these expenses, hassle-free.

Personal Accident cover operates 24 hours a day, is not restricted to farm accidents, and you can even extend it to cover sporting accidents. We also include Capital Benefits in the event of death or permanent incapacity.

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Livestock & Pedigree Animals

Typical cover for Livestock on farm policies includes:

  • Fire, Lightning, Electrocution and Storm
  • During transit or if they stray from the farmers property
  • Death or necessary slaughter following the collapse of slats

Farmers may also look for the following more specialist cover:

  • Sheep worrying by dogs
  • Theft of Livestock
  • Accident, illness or disease to Pedigree animals
  • Infertility of Pedigree animals due to accident, illness or disease

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Outbuildings and Agri Contents

Farm outbuildings can be covered for Fire, Lightning and Storm damage.

Storm damage cover is dependent on the age and condition of the building and is subject to survey.

It is really important to insure outbuildings for the current rebuilding cost as being underinsured could have a serious negative impact on a claim. settlement.

Agri Contents can be covered for fire and lightning and can include the following:

  • Hay, Straw, Grain and other agri-produce
  • Implements and Tools
  • Trailered implements
  • Farm machinery
  • Milking Equipment and Bulk Tank (you can add storm cover for these)

Note: Many farmers opt to take out comprehensive cover on some trailered vehicles such as Cattle Boxes, Mowers, Round Balers etc. This will extend cover to accidental damage or theft of these items.

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Motor and Tractor Insurance

We can advise on the best and most economic cover for tractors, private cars, jeeps and agri vehicles with the following options available:

Tractors, Agricultural Vehicles & Machinery

  • Open Driving at 16 Years
  • Full passenger cover
  • Third Party attached trailer cover
  • Agricultural Contracting
  • Third Party/Fire & Theft/ Comprehensive options

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Private Cars and Jeeps

  • Comprehensive/Third Party Fire & Theft/Third Party
  • Driving of other Cars
  • Open Driving
  • EU Extension
  • Material Facts/

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Farm Insurance FAQs

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