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Car Insurance in Ireland

What is car insurance?

A Car insurance policy provides cover for the car owner or driver in the event of an accident which causes injury to a third party or damage to their property – Third Party cover is compulsory in Ireland.

The policy can also cover damage to the motorist’s own vehicle – under a Third Party Fire & Theft policy or a Comprehensive policy.

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How car insurance works?

Third Party insurance is a legal requirement in Ireland, and it protects the motorist in the event of an accident which causes injury to a third party or damage to the third party’s property. Damage to the motorist’s own vehicle can also be covered under Third Party Fire and Theft and/or Comprehensive policies.

Once you’ve chosen your desired level of cover, get in touch and we can look at what different Insurers can offer you. Car Insurers tend to offer lower or higher premiums for certain drivers. If you fit into one of these categories, we’ll be able to find a suitable policy for you.


Young driver insurance

Car Insurance for people aged 17-24 is usually more expensive. At Campion Insurance, we search for the best value car insurance for young drivers, helping you to get on the road.

No claims bonus

A No Claims Bonus (NCB) is a discount provided to drivers to reward them for claims free driving experience. An NCB of over five years could get you a significant discount on your premium.

Multi-car discounts

Some insurers offer a discount if you insure multiple vehicles with the same insurance company. 

Penalty points

It can be harder to find affordable car insurance when you have points on your licence. Let us help you find the best value and you’ll be back on the road in no time. As an experienced broker, we’ll find you the most cost-effective policy to meet your insurance needs.

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Types of cover

  • Third Party

    • The minimum level of cover required by Irish law
    • Covers injury to a third party, their property and any legal liabilities
    • Limits apply
  • Third Party Fire & Theft

    • Covers fire and theft damage caused to your car
    • Plus cover as detailed under Third Party
    • Limits apply
  • Comprehensive

    • Covers accidental damage and damage caused by vandalism to your car
    • Plus cover as detailed under Third Party Fire & Theft
    • Limits apply


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We have your car covered

When something goes wrong on the road, you want to know it’ll be sorted quickly. That’s why we’re here to help you find the best car insurance on the market, whether that’s for your daily commute or social trips.

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