Make the most of your Pension

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Make the most of your Pension

When does an extra €100 investment in your future only cost you €60*?

When you maximise your pension!

Saving for retirement has never been more important. Unless you put a retirement plan in place, your income could drop by nearly 67% when you retire!

The State Pension contributory is €11,9751, but the average industrial wage is €35,8742.

You need to save for your retirement to avoid a big drop in income.

As you already have a pension plan in place, you have taken the first step and are ahead of 42% of the population.

The next question you need to ask is “Am I putting enough aside to fund the type of retirement I want?”


“Am I doing enough to avoid a drop in income of nearly 67% when I retire?”

Due to generous tax relief on contributions, a €100 extra investment in your pension may only cost you €60, if you pay income tax of 40%.

Also, the sooner you increase your pension contribution, the longer the increased contribution has to potentially grow. This could make a significant difference to your retirement fund.

*Based on an individual paying income tax at 40%.

Revenue rules and terms and conditions apply.

Tax relief is not automatically granted, you must apply to and satisfy Revenue requirements.

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